Turn hand drawn sketches, characters, typography, and videos into looping animations.

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Create hand drawn character animations using Photoshop

29 Apr , 2016  


  • Basic Photoshop skills
  • Basic hand drawing, but not obligatory

Update – Apr/8/2016: Added an extra section to learn to create illustration in Illustrator and Sketch 3. Each lecture can be watched individually to learn different skills (no need to watch them in order).

Update – Oct/10/2015: Added a section that teaches you how to use vector shapes, smart objects and the video timeline. You’ll end up with a smooth playing cat animation.

Update – Aug/2/2015: Added a lecture to reuse the assets of the cupcake animation to create a new one.

On this course you’ll learn to turn hand drawn sketches into animations using Photoshop. You’ll learn to add some dance moves to a pencil drawing of a robot. We’ll create a happy jumping cupcake that never gets tired. We’ll add some vibrancy to typography. We’ll create a smooth cat animation using video timeline, vector shapes, and smart objects. And we’ll create a realistic animation by tracing on top of a video.

This course will teach you basic animation principles and how to apply them using simple Photoshop tools.

The course is separated in independent sections. You can start the section that most interests you without worrying about having to take the other ones to understand the context. Each section has its own downloadable materials that you can use.

Take this course if you’re curious about animation and want to have some fun creating silly GIF doodles. This is not a professional animation course! It’s just to learn a cool skill.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to have fun creating silly doodles
  • This course is for animation beginners
  • This course won’t teach you 3D animation

Turn hand drawn sketches, characters, typography, and videos into looping animations.


Create hand drawn character animations Photoshop





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