Make 2D art for games. From icons to animations. Using GIMP - the free Photoshop alternative.


What Will I Learn?
  • Master GIMP’s powerful interface
  • Convey meaning through shape and colour
  • Use GIMPs fundamental drawing tools
  • Work with layers for complex images
  • Create gradients, drop shadows and reflections
  • Organise and professionally export your work.
  • Work to a specification like a pro


  • You need a Mac or PC capable of running GIMP (most are!)
  • You only need a mouse or trackpad to get started!
  • Optional: Wacom stylus or similar for later sections
  • You can organise, move and rename files

This course is continually being updated, with additional new content being added every week.

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GIMP is a super powerful, free, 2D art package. It’s also ‘open source’ which means it’s owned by the community, and constantly updated. Most of the features of the much more expensive Photoshop are available, giving you the power to create industry strength 2D art.


The challenge with this package is it can be intimidating for beginners, especially those who don’t have much confidence in art or drawing. We make learning from scratch easy with our simple step-by-step process.

Even if you have no prior experience in drawing, or computer art, we’ll take you from the very basics. By investing in a structured course like this you’ll learn faster and more effectively than on your own, just check-out our latest reviews.


We provide challenges in every video to cement your knowledge, an active community of students and instructors to help you if you get stuck, and continuous updates to the course to improve the learning journey.

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How is the course structured?

  1. We start by helping you master GIMP’s interface
  2. Then we constrain you to just 8×8 pixels, to get you started
  3. Moving on we add colour, contrast and more to bring your images alive
  4. In section 2 we increase our canvas to 32×2 and beyond
  5. By the end of the course you’ll be able to create great looking 2D icons.

The 2D Game Artist – Design Amazing Art Assets From Scratch Review

  • I’ve always thought that GIMP wasn’t a comparable and as powerful as Adobe’s Photoshop or other drawing/image processing programs. After going through this course I know more than your average Gimp user.

    The best thing that I’ve seen here is the sequence of discussion, exercise, and showing how to do it. This helped re-enforce what I learned.

    This course really represents two things:

    – a course on how to use GIMP

    – a course on how to use digital techniques to draw on a digital canvas


  • I expected to learn how to draw and animate characters with different techniques and to create everything I need for a 2D game enviroment and UI.

    Is a kind of deep course about how to use Gimp but, in my opinion, is not a course about how to create the art for your 2D game.

  • It is the most beneficial course that I have ever seen about gimp. Their teaching methods and effort leads you learning. Thanks to you guys, you really did awesome courses and I think you are the best !

    If you seen a course that made by Michael Bridges or Ben Tristem, go and buy it! I promise you wouldn’t be upset.


Also included with the course…

  • Access to our thriving community forum, and live chat server
  • Use of our custom built texture sharing service
  • Daily responses to your Q&A.

2D artwork is in demand, and now’s a great time to get into GIMP.

Ben & Michael

Who is the target audience?
  • You want to learn GIMP specifically
  • You want to create 2D art from scratch
  • You have little or no experience with GIMP or Photoshop
  • You want to make 2D assets for computer games


Make 2D art for games. From icons to animations. Using GIMP - the free Photoshop alternative.


The 2D Game Artist – Design Amazing Art Assets



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