A complete app design process and development with swift 3, xcode 8, SketchApp and Firebase for ios 10

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Complete iOS 10 development Bootcamp

24 May , 2017  

  • Course will start from scratch, so no prior programming knowledge needed
  • Xcode 8 (available for free) – Installation covered in course
  • NO prior app development knowledge is needed
  • IF you already can design Complex Apps with FIREBASE, this course is NOT for you
  • Any computer that runs OS X (eg. Mac mini/iMAC/MACBOOK pro/air)

Complete iOS 10 Design and Development Bootcamp

If you are a beginner in iOS development then you have landed in great place. If you have already tried to learn the development and have faced the problems of beta bugs, like code is not working, then you are in great luck too. All of the apps that we have designed in this course are designed and coded after the official release of Xcode 8. There is not even a single app that that will give you a problem of Code conflict.

App development is a process. Process of designing the app, creating User Interface and writing code to make that interface work. We will use Sketch app to design the UI for our app and we will use swift 3 to write backend logic for our app. A complete course on swift 3 and sketch app is also included in this bootcamp.

Entire course curriculum is being designed keeping in mind that students takes time to learn and every topic must be presented on special time so that students feels easy to learn it. We will first create a test app for the new topic then we will create an app that includes the application for the knowledge that we just learned. 

We will learn about constraints and stack views, camera, photo library, microphone etc. Further we will move on to firebase and will explore the Firebase services like authentications, real time database and storage. 

We will not just create demo apps, we will learn to create icons and professional graphics for the app. Yes, we could have give graphics assets worth many dollars but instead we will teach you to design those assets in this course.

After taking this course you will learn to read the documentation and will learn to solve your problems on your own. Let’s get started.

Who is the target audience?
  • Want to apply as Jr. iOS developer – This course is for you
  • Want to design your dream app but don’t know How to code – This course is for you
  • Want to work as Freelancer ios developer – This course is for you
  • Already having an App in AppStore – This course is NOT for you




A complete app design process and development with swift 3, xcode 8, SketchApp and Firebase for ios 10


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Complete iOS 10 development Bootcamp





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