Learn how to write apps for Android, iOS and Windows with a clean project structure for a maximum amount of code reuse

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Creating Apps with Xamarin and the MVVM Pattern

1 Jun , 2017  


  • You should be familar with C# and the .NET framework
  • You should know the techniques which belong to C# like events, LINQ, lambda expressions
  • You should know how to work with the IDE Visual Studio
  • If you want to create Apps for iOS then you need a Mac machine with macOS as a build machine

This course is for any software developer who wants to write apps for more than one major mobile operating system with the cross platform development tool Xamarin. It is not a course where I want to show you how to read an API. You learn which ways Xamarin provide and how to use them. But we don’t create simple “Hello World” apps. This course shows you the techniques of Xamarin which you need to create apps with a clean project structure and an amazing architecture by using the MVVM pattern. 

At the end of the theoretical part we prepare an example project which we want to implement at first with Xamarin Forms and after that with the native approach of Xamarin. In both approaches we use the same code for the backend. In this implementation part, you will apply all the stuff you have learned in the first part of this course.

Further you will be sensitized to separate between project specific code and code or classes you can use in other app projects. With all that knowledge, we reach a maximum amount of shared and reused code.

Important: The implementation is shown in Visual Studio on a Windows 10 machine. You can try to develop on a Mac machine, but it is not supported in this course.

If you have questions, problems or if you want to discuss about a certain topic feel free to write me a message or start a question. I would like to hear your opinion.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is for students who want to create amazing apps with a proper code and a clean project structure

Learn how to write apps for Android, iOS and Windows with a clean project structure for a maximum amount of code reuse



Apps with Xamarin and the MVVM Pattern





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