Improve Your WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Improve Your WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Tutorial

23 Jun , 2017  


Discover How To Improve Your WordPress Website…Fast!

This video course is for small business owners and professionals that want to improve their WordPress website.

When you’re starting out with WordPress, there are a lot of things that small business owners will need to do to make their website function better.

In this video course, I’ll give you resources to help you improve your WordPress website so it stands out over your competition…fast!

In this video course, you’ll discover how to:

  • Add business logos
  • Add professional contact forms
  • Start a mailing list
  • Embed videos
  • Add shopping carts
  • Choose the correct SSL certificate
  • Add legal disclaimers
  • Upload copyright free images
  • Find image URLS
  • Add captions to images
  • Upload PDF documents for users to download
  • Add favicons
  • Add parent pages
  • Manage WordPress comments
  • Add featured blog posts

This video course is ideal for small business owners and professionals. If you want to improve your WordPress website fast, then this is the course for you.

Take this course now and let’s get started!

-Kent Mauresmo


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for new WordPress users that are setting up a business website. This course is not for advanced WordPress users because you’ll probably already know how to do things mentioned in this video course.

Improve Your WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Tutorial



Improve Your WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Tutorial





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