Learn why Sass is becoming more prominent in web development and how to use the API and command line for Sass.

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Sass Workflow In web development

25 Jul , 2017  


  • Basic understanding of CSS and prefixed properties
  • Basic knowledge of HTML (not required but strongly recommended)
  1. Welcome to this Avelx course, this course will develop your skills in maintaining structured stylesheets. Sass is a CSS preprocessor which allows a more functional approach to styling; such as variables, mixins, if statements, loops, maths, inheritance and more.

First I’ll show you how to easily use the command line to keep our CSS up to date. We’ll be watching our Sass files automatically for any new changes and exporting in real time. Also the command line allows real time compression to produce a smaller CSS file and converting between Sass and SCSS.

With projects getting larger and more detailed we need to keep our CSS maintained. This can be a handful when it comes to a standard CSS stylesheet. But with Sass everything can become a breeze!

Who is the target audience?
  • Web developers that need a solution to writing less CSS and a more simplified and structured stylesheet
  • Web developers with knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Developers with some command line knowledge (but not required)Learn why Sass is becoming more prominent in web development and how to use the API and command line for Sass.




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Free Sass Workflow In web development




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