Create 7 Apps from scratch using C# Step by Step.

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Learn to Code with C# by Creating 7 Complete Apps .

27 Jul , 2017  

  • Basic understanding of how computer works
  • Basic understanding of navigating the internet

C# is a modern programming language developed by Microsoft.  This course is  hands-on practical from start to finish.  C#  project based course for  beginners course (pronounced C Sharp). C# is designed to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, borrowing key concepts from several other languages, most notably Java..

 C# is an Object Oriented language and does not offer global variables or functions. Everything is wrapped in classes, even simple types like int and string, which inherits from the System.Object class.

The course begins by showing you how to download and install Visual Studio community edition which is a free software package available from Microsoft,
in a step-by-step manner. Visual studio is referred to as an integrated development environment (IDE) and contains everything you need to start your creativity going by
following in creating 7 complete and useful projects step by step.

In this course I will walk you through how to create  the following 7 beginner c # projects:

Digital Clock
Currency Converter
Web browser
2D Ping Pong game
Screen Saver
Music Player
Google Map

The best way to learn any new programming is by creating various things with it. By the end of this course you would have acquired some skills to create more related type of projects.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner programmers
  • Beginner developers

Create 7 Apps from scratch using C# Step by Step.




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Free Learn to Code with C# by Creating 7 Complete Apps






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