Find answers to common machine learning questions which arise when you start to learn

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Q&A in Machine Learning and Neural Networks for beginners

8 Aug , 2017  

  • Basic knowlege of python syntax is helpful
  • your personal interest in the topic and willingness to code along

What is machine learning / ai ? How to lean machine learning in practice? Where should I start learning to code my first neural network? What are commonly asked questions and problems?

machine learning / ai (artificial intelligence) is the hottest topic in this century – for good reasons. In one word – It’ s the future! 

However as a beginner there is always the question how and where to start. That’s why I created courses to help you dive into this topic. In this specific course we are covering

  1. Important terms in machine learning
  2. Problems which almost always arise and how to deal with them 
  3. Understand important differences between certain machine learning ideas
  4. Apply our new knowledge and code a neural network in python

This Q&A should help you to get started and better understand the world of machine learning.

Do you want to take your chance and expose yourself to this interesting topic which will shape the future? Then join me and other students to dive deeper into machine learning right now. What are you waiting for?

See you in the first lecture

Who is the target audience?
  • beginners who want to expose themself to programming their first neural network
  • beginners in machine learning who want to understand fundamental concepts
  • beginners who search for answers of common questions in machine learning and neural networks


Find answers to common machine learning questions which arise when you start to learn




Q&A in Machine Learning and Neural Networks




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