The complete technical, practical, conceptual Java course with opportunities to participate in 1-year intern program

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Become a Junior Java Software Developer

10 Aug , 2017  

  • Basic experience working with a computer
  • Basic understanding of analytical problem solving
  • Windows or Mac (course taught from Windows)

Finally, a COMPLETE Java software development course that includes job placement opportunities!

I not only teach the core topics of Java, but also covers necessary analytical skills like Algorithms andpractical skills like reading and handling data from files, and job-specific skills invites you to participate in a 1-Year Paid Intern Program!

This course was developed by a combination of developersrecruiters, and business managers that together outlined and curated a curriculum based on the hiring needs and requirements in the industry.

If you’re looking for the next step in a new career in software development, consider participating in the Internship Program. Upon successful completing this course, you will be invited to apply for this elite program.

Designed for individuals looking to kick-start a new career in software development, this course starts at the beginning assuming no previous knowledge in programming.

I focus on keeping the training practical and applicable to a real-world project. While learning the concepts is important, you must demonstrate your knowledge by being able to write programs, analyze what’s happening behind the scenes, and have a working understanding of basic algorithms and computations.

While not created based on Oracle’s certification program, this course will help prepare you for the Programmer Level I Exam to earn the Oracle Certified Associate certificate.

  • Get comfortable with controlling the flow of programs
  • Understand and apply the core concepts of object-oriented programming
  • Know the different data structures and practice traversing through arrays and collections
  • Master the common algorithms in computer science
  • Learn topics conceptually and practically to ace your job interview
  • Upon course completion, apply to one-year internship through SDET University
Who is the target audience?
  • Career-changers looking to start from scratch
  • Recent graduate looking to get job-specific training
  • Current student looking preparing for the job market
  • QA / manual testers looking to transition to automation



The complete technical, practical, conceptual Java course with opportunities to participate in 1-year intern program



Free Become a Junior Java Software Developer






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