Become more productive with Xcode 9. Learn all the useful Xcode tricks that'll increase your iOS development skills

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30 Xcode Tips and Tricks To Improve Productivity – Xcode 9

30 Aug , 2017  

  • You should be familiar with Xcode and developing on iOS platform

Are you an iOS developer? Have you been working with Xcode for a period of time and you want to be more productive? If you have been using Xcode as your iOS development tool, then you know that Xcode is a complex tool to use. In this course I have come up with 30 tips and tricks to boost your productivity as an iOS developer using the Xcode IDE.

There are hidden features, cool and neat tricks and keyboard shortcuts that you need to master in order to work more efficiently. Some of these hidden features will blow your mind once you discover them. Xcode has so many neat functions that can be taken advantage of.

As a developer, I have been developing on Xcode for 5 years and in this period I have learnt lots of things that I want to share with you. Some of these features are not immediately obvious but with my guidance I’ll be able to show you how and when to use each feature.

Some of the tricks we’ll look at include;

  • How to treat warnings as errors
  • How to extract methods from a chunk of code
  • How to lock control properties to prevent additional changes
  • How to add tokens to snippets
  • How to create your own color palettes for different projects
  • How to group multiple objects as one unit
  • How to set layout constraints between two objects using the document outline
  • How to open your project file using the 3D view mode – cool feature
  • How to fold and unfold your codes and why you want to do this
  • How to set Xcode to send you directly to the line where an error occurred.
  • And many more tips

This tips I shared in this course are the ones that I considered to be very important for every iOS developers to learn. There are many more tips and tricks but most of them will not improve your productivity any further.

If you are ready to become Xcode proficient, enroll in this course and I look forward to being your instructor.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who’s starting out with iOS development and wanting to learn some tips and tricks of Xcode

Become more productive with Xcode 9. Learn all the useful Xcode tricks that'll increase your iOS development skills




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30 Xcode Tips and Tricks Productivity – Xcode 9






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