How To get More Leads and Sales with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

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Facebook Messenger Bots For Beginners

13 Sep , 2017  

  • You should have an interest in Facebook Messenger Bots

The step by step video training that teaches you facebook messenger bots.

Not just how to create them but how to market with them.

Includes the complete of creating a facebook bot, so that you can access the 1 billion people a month (which is half of the people on facebook) who are using messenger to communicate.

By capturing their details via a bot, which is as simple as simple as pressing a button for them or clicking a link, you can communicate with them again and again and again.

This training shows you step by step how you can use bots to get more engagement, leads and sales.

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners looking to grow their business through digital marketing


How To get More Leads and Sales with Facebook Messenger Chatbots



Free Facebook Messenger Bots For Beginners



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