With 12+ years of design and Photoshop experience, I will take you from no experience to expert level.

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Learn Photoshop from an Expert Designer

14 Sep , 2017  


  • You need to have access to Adobe Photoshop. Any version will do but CC preferred.

This class will be FREE for a VERY limited time! Enjoy! 

With over 6+ hours of video content, join me, Lindsay Marsh, for a photoshop class that will take you from no experience to expert level. I have over 12+ years of professional full time experience in Adobe Photoshop and cannot wait to teach you this powerful tool. 

I created a class that moves at your pace. I created high quality video screen capture videos for all of my lessons so you can feel like your sitting right next to me, one on one. 

I have two phases to my course. The beginner levels hold your hand through the basics of photoshop. We will learn everything from the tool bar to the layering system, the pen tool, creating shapes, working with type and then we dive into working with photos, manipulation, filters and effects. 

The second intermediate phase of my course includes 5 full courses working in Photoshop. We take the skills learned in the first phase and apply them here. The following classes in this phase are:

  • Learning Blending Modes
  • Font Crash Course
  • Mixing Type and Design
  • Using Photoshop Actions to Create Dynamic Photos
  • Ad Layout and Design
  • Using Mock-ups

Feel free to preview my class to see if my teaching style is for you, Also feel free to ask questions and to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to learn the Adobe Photoshop program and learn all of the available tools.
 With 12+ years of design and Photoshop experience, I will take you from no experience to expert level.
Learn Photoshop from an Expert Designer

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