Build Full VOIP Network on the Packet tracer

Must have skill

How To VOIP On Packet Tracer

14 Sep , 2017  


  • CCNA
  • You should have knowledge about networks

This course is offered to everyone interested in Voice Over IP (VOIP) field for free in practical way using Cisco packet tracer simulation program and once you finished this course you will have this knowledge: 

  • understand the basic concepts of VOIP 
  • the benefits of this field of science 
  •  how to build full private VOIP network to any enterprise or company 
  • how to make VOIP calls between two branches in different places 
  • how to use cisco packet tracer in VOIP  

I hope this course will win your admiration and get the most benefits from it 

Good Luck….

Who is the target audience?
  • Students of IT and any one study network , IT and VOIP



Build Full VOIP Network on the Packet tracer


Free How To VOIP On Packet Tracer




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