Use these methods and techniques every day to boost your English skills! (Intermediate - Advanced)

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Methods for Improving Your English Fluency


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  • You should be open to trying new methods for language learning
  • You should be open to actually using these methods in your real life when you study English on your own
  • You need to try and use these methods for a few weeks or months to see real changes in your English fluency

This is a course which presents the best methods that I have found for becoming fluent in English (or any second language really). I have taught a lot of students who like learning English as a hobby, but I mostly teach working professionals who want to improve English for their careers in fields like IT, Engineering, Law, Business, Medicine etc.

The idea is that this course can be used like a tool-box. When you lose motivation with language learning, or when the methods you’re using aren’t helping you to reach fluency, then you can use this course to choose some new methods and techniques to work on. The overall goal is always speaking fluency, as that is what most students are trying to achieve but reading, listening and pronunciation skills are really important things to work on first before you reach speaking fluency.

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I will continue to add lectures to the course, change some parts, add extra resources etc as time goes on and as I find new techniques and methods to share. This course will definitely be a continual work-in-progress over the years as I continue to improve it. So all feedback is welcome! The feedback will help me to change things and provide a course that can help students reach fluency. 

Subtitles (closed captions) in English are available! Look for the button at the bottom/right corner of the video 😉

Enjoy the course. I hope it helps!

Who is the target audience?
  • Students with an English level somewhere between lower intermediate to advanced
  • Students who would like to improve their fluency using natural methods that work
  • Students who are at the beginner level should find experienced language teachers in their first language who can explain the methods needed to improve their fluency. Once you reach a higher level (e.g lower intermediate) this course will make more sense and you can understand the methods



Use these methods and techniques every day to boost your English skills! (Intermediate - Advanced)


Methods for Improving Your English Fluency




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