Learn the basic building blocks of Discrete Mathematics, which is the backbone of Computer Science & Modern Mathematics

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Discrete Math: Set Theory(Sets), Relations and Functions


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  • This course doesn’t require any prerequisites.

Discrete math is very much “the real world” mathematics. Discrete math is essential to college-level mathematics and beyond. It is increasingly being applied in the practical fields of mathematics and computer science and is a very good tool for improving reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

The mathematics of modern computer science is built almost entirely on discrete math. This means that in order to learn the fundamental algorithms used by computer programmers, students will need a solid background in these topics. At most of the universities, a undergraduate-level course in discrete mathematics is a required part of pursuing a computer science degree. 

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Sets,Relations and Functions form the foundation of Discrete Mathematics and are highly significant. They are a must for any Mathematics or Computer Science student, they are very widely used in computer programming languages as well. in summary, Sets,Relations and Functions is a perfect start towards learning the vast subject of Discrete Mathematics and will be used in all the sub-areas of of Discrete Mathematics.

In this course you will learn everything in Sets,Relations and Functions including:

   Sets – Introduction

  • Definition and Understanding
  • Representation of a Set
  • Cardinality of a Set

Types of sets

  • Finite and Infinite sets
  • Empty (Null) Set
  • Singleton (Unit) Set
  • Equal and Equivalent sets
  • Disjoint and Overlapping sets
  • Subset, Proper Subset and Superset
  • Power Set
  • Universal Set

Set Operations

  • Union
  • Intersection
  • Set Difference
  • Complement of a Set
  • Cartesian Product/Cross Product

Venn Diagrams

  • Introduction to Venn diagrams
  • Venn diagram for Subsets,Union,Intersection,Difference and Complement
  • Practicing Venn diagrams

Relation – Definition

  • Definition
  • Domain and Range
  • Diagrammatic representation of Relations

Types of relations

  •  Empty Relation
  •  Universal Relation
  •  Identity Relation
  •  Inverse Relation
  •  Reflexive Relation
  •  Symmetric Relation
  • Transitive Relation
  • Equivalence Relation

Functions – Introduction 

  • Defining Function
  • Domain, Codomain & Range

Types of Functions

  • Injective (One-to-One Function)
  • Surjective (Onto Function)
  • Bijective Function
  • Even and Odd Functions

Function Operations

  • Composition of Functions
  • Inverse of a Function

Everything is covered step-by-step in live to make one comfortable while learning and also understand the concept in the best way. We are sure this course will be very much rewarding in terms of your career and academic growth and is definitely the amount spent.

The course comes with 100% money back guarantee. This course aims to deliver a quality content and meet the learner’s expectations to its best. However, if you ever think that the course is not worth the amount spent, you can ask for a 100% refund within 30 days of the purchase this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Computer Science and Math Students



Learn the basic building blocks of Discrete Mathematics, which is the backbone of Computer Science & Modern Mathematics



Discrete Math: Set Theory , Relations & Functions