Your birth date and name can hold up to 9 karmic lessons and 4 karmic debts! Learn how to embrace these life lessons!

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Uncover Karmic Lessons and Debts With Numerology

25 Sep , 2017  


  • Students will need to know how their full names appear on their birth certificate. As class materials are provided in PDF format they will need to be able to open this type of file.

The very fact that you are exploring this course tells me that you are curious about the potential for previous lifetimes and the possibility of reincarnation.

Uncover Your Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debts With Numerology explores how karmic lessons and debts affect our journey in this lifetime! I will teach you how to uncover these hidden clues from your birth chart!

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a simple kind of gal and I like complicated subjects to be broken down into language I can understand and relate to! I have no doubt you do too!

This course will help you to identify if you in fact have any karmic lessons or debts which can be uncovered using SIMPLE to apply Numerology applications.

Trust me! I am no Math wizard!!! This is simple math at it’s best!

If you can add 2+2 you will master this course in no time!

During our time together I will show you the difference between Karmic Lessons & Karmic Debts. 

When you know you have a karmic debt or lesson you can embrace the lesson rather than constantly fight it!

Find out why you may have trust issues. Maybe you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by life’s ever present obstacles. Maybe you are having trouble connecting with people which leaves you feeling alone. Possibly you are battling your way through a life full of addictions. All of these issues can be connected to karma!

Understanding the impact that karmic debts and lessons have on your life can translate into understanding what it means in others lives as well! Just imagine how much richer your relationships could be with this knowledge! Maybe you could cut your friend some slack when she’s behaving badly because YOU know she’s working through some karmic debt or lesson. 

Aren’t you just a wee bit curious to know if you have any debts or lessons you are working on?

Let’s jump in together to find out!


Who is the target audience?
  • This Numerology Course is a basic course designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about their karmic lessons included in their birth contract. Those seeking a unique self development/improvement tool will enjoy this class. This course may not appeal to those who are not able to embrace the concept of karma and past lives.
 Your birth date and name can hold up to 9 karmic lessons and 4 karmic debts! Learn how to embrace these life lessons!
Karmic Lessons and Debts With Numerology

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