Branding For Your New Product, Website or Company - Learn To Create A Professional E-commerce Brand Quickly and Easily

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Business Branding For E-commerce

30 Sep , 2017  


  • General Business Experience Is Helpful
  • Desire To Create Your Own Brand Is Required

      ***Brought To You By The Creator Of Shopify Power – the best-selling E-commerce Course On Udemy***

Building An E-commerce Brand – Learn To Create A Professional Brand For Your New Product, Website or Company!

About The Instructor & His Authentic Credibility On This Topic: Together with his wife, Jason Miles has sold millions online and their popular shopify website (Pixie Faire) has even been featured by Shopify as one of the sites premiere success case studies. Miles shares their insider tips, techniques, short-cuts and hard-won lessons acquired as they personally set up and built their Shopify site, which currently transacts 40,000-50,000 orders a month and is ranked 503rd out of over 500,000 Shopify websites (based on worldwide site traffic).

How Is This Course Different? This course has 12 powerful, yet easy to follow, sections all designed to help you design and implement a professional e-commerce brand. 

This course offers a unique and systematic approach that cuts through the confusion, eliminates incorrect thinking, and teaches best practices on all the aspects related to establishing a successful e-commerce brand.

Who Is This Course Designed For? Students should have a basic understanding, or willingness to learn professional branding. They also need the time, patience, and willingness to implement the lessons and details taught in this course. Ideally, students should already have a product, product idea, or product plan. If you have a private label product already set up that you sell on Amazon, or are an artist, crafter, or seller of unique items – and need a fully functional ecommerce website – then this course will be of value to you. 

Warning, Corporate Marketing Professionals – You May Find This Course Too Basic. (Although I’d imagine you will learn a lot from it). This course is intended for entreprenuers, marketers, brand owners and small business people.

Who is the target audience?
  • Branding for entrepreneurs eager to build a professional looking company or website
  • Private Label sellers who want to move beyond online arbitrage (such as Amazon FBA) and create their own powerful brand
  • E-commerce sellers who are interested in a long-term, sustainable, valuable business brand
  • Online marketers who are tired of selling other people’s brands and want to create their own brand



Branding For Your New Product, Website or Company - Learn To Create A Professional E-commerce Brand Quickly and Easily




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Business Company Branding For E-commerce




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