Build your virtual reality driving experience with unity 3D

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Car race with Virtual Reality with unity 3D

4 Oct , 2017  


  • You need Unity 3D installed, some basic knowledge is good but not required.
  • You need a virtual reality headset Google’s Cardboard style.
  • A gamepad will be extremely useful (I am using VR PARK-V3)

Hello, my name is João Dessain Saraiva and besides working as a web developer one of my favourite hobbies is virtual reality. To stay updated with this technology I like to create content for Udemy and I am also a virtual reality technical advisor for a british VR company.

So I always wanted to drive a race car on a professional race track, and since I didn’t have the chance to do it  yet I decided to make a virtual reality project about it.We are going to build a race track in Unity 3D and import a car model, set 3 different player view perspectives and a countdown timer tracker to keep track of our driving skills.The project will be built on Unity Cloud and we will also apply some techniques to improve the overall performance, and yes for sure it will have virtual reality and gamepad support.

The lessons contents is fully described, and if you have any question don’t hesitate in posting it I’ll be here to help you out, let’s go!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with basic Unity 3D knowledge
  • Students what want to learn about Virtual Reality or improve their knowledge


Build your virtual reality driving experience with unity 3D


Car race with Virtual Reality with unity 3D





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