LEADERSHIP SCIENCE: The Psychology of Conflict and Cooperation - secrets for Leaders and Managers, and everyone else!

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LEADERSHIP Psychology: Cool Strategies from Game Theory !

4 Oct , 2017  


  • High school level education – no other prerequisites

Cooperation and Conflict Management are powerful concepts, extremely necessary for Leaders and Managers, and for everyone else too!

Concepts in Game Theory and Psychology can help us analyze situations of conflict and cooperation rigorously, scientifically and even mathematically! Armed with information from the recent research and studies in these areas, you can soon become a force to reckon with, and upgrade your Leadership Skills and Management Strategies significantly

You will understand what strategies work during conflict, how your response often depends on the other person’s actions and responses, and what strategies will work long term. 

Learn about different “games” and situations, cool strategies and secrets that till help you become Informed, Influential and Aware Leaders and Managers, armed with knowledge of Game Theory and its cool Strategies!

This Course Introduces you to some basic “Games” and “Strategies” in Game Theory, and does not get into detailed mathematical modeling or probabilities.

Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring, Emerging and Established Leaders and Business Managers in any field.
  • Graduate and Post Graduate Management students who want to succeed professionally, and personally.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about situations of conflict and cooperation and improve the quality of their judgements and decisions.

LEADERSHIP SCIENCE: The Psychology of Conflict and Cooperation - secrets for Leaders and Managers, and everyone else!



LEADERSHIP Psychology: Strategies Game Theory !




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