Learn all the important aspects of the C# programming language

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The Essential Guide to Learning C# programming language

4 Oct , 2017  


  • A PC to view the course
  • Some knowledge on aspects of how a programming language works

C# is a widely adopted proramming language used by developers when developing programs in the .Net programming language. Some of the features of the .Net programming language are

1) C# supports language interoperability – This means that C# can access code written in any .NET compliant language and can also inherit the classes written in these languages. 

2) The classes in C# can be grouped in Namespaces.

3) C# supports the Object oriented concepts and helps define classes and objects. 

4) Support for primitive data types such as numbers and strings and other data types such as Arrays

5) If you are developing client server or web applications , the programming language of choice taken by almost the entire development community is C#

Who is the target audience?
  • All students who want to learn the C# programming language
  • All students who wish to develop programs using the C# Programming language and Visual Studio



Learn all the important aspects of the C# programming language


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The Essential Guide C# programming language





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