Putting theory to practice and improving your C# skills by coding 95 small Windows Form Desktop apps

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Starting Out With Visual C# : Coding Exercises for Beginners

5 Oct , 2017  

  • Students should have installed Visual Studio in order to follow along.
  • No proficiency in C# or programming in general is required.
  • This is a suplemental course containing only exercises – NO lectures are provided.
  • Students should be actively learning C# and Windows Forms


The course goes over every single exercise (yes, all 95 of them) in a popular college C# textbook: Starting Out With Visual C# by Tony Gaddis


This indeed is a complete set of C# Windows Forms exercises. I show you how to put the theory you learned from the textbooks into practice by solving every exercise in a step by step manner, with every step done on the camera. There are no suddenly appearing code snippets, all coding is done in front of you.



I do my best to explain what I am trying to accomplish and why, and touch on common pitfalls, too. However, this course is not for someone who needs to be taught the programming concepts from scratch. This is a course for people who need to put the concepts and theory they learned into practice.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is designed for students enrolled in C# classes, or self-taught programmers. This is very much a beginner’s course aimed towards students who are currently learning C#, and need a guided practice exercises.


  • This is a great course for people who study C# and need to cement the knowledge by practicing; people who struggle with some concepts in practice; people who just want to do as many practice exercises as they can, and would like to have a reference point to compare their solutions to;


  • people who take C# classes and struggle with their homework; and of course, people who learn from the book “Starting out with Visual C# by Tony Gaddis” for their classes and need a little help or a reference (all exercises are from said book).


  • Also, people who have basic understanding of C# language, but are not familiar with Windows Forms will benefit from taking this course.



Putting theory to practice and improving your C# skills by coding 95 small Windows Form Desktop apps


Starting Visual C# : Coding Exercises for Beginners





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