HDPCD:Spark using Python (pyspark)

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HDP Certified Developer – Spark using Python as programming language

6 Oct , 2017  


  • Basic programming skills

Course cover the overall syllabus of HDPCD:Spark Certification.

  • Python Fundamentals – Basic Python programming required using REPL
  • Getting Started with Spark – Different setup options, setup process
  • Core Spark – Transformations and Actions to process the data
  • Data Frames and Spark SQL – Leverage SQL skills on top of Data Frames created from Hive tables or RDD
  • Exercises – A set of self evaluated exercises to test skills for certification purpose

After the course one will gain enough confidence to give the certification and crack it.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any one who want to prepare for HDPCD:Spark using Python as programming language


HDPCD:Spark using Python (pyspark)




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HDP Certified Developer – Spark using Python




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