Master the Angular Components (Angular 2 and Angular 4) like a PRO to create technically brilliant components

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Angular Components – like a Pro! (angular 2 & 4)

7 Oct , 2017  

  • Basic knowledge of Angular (angular 2 or 4): have been playing with a couple tutorials
  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript (what you’ll have learned with Angular)
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript ES6 (classes and arrow functions)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge of CSS
  • Very basic knowledge of GIT

¡Join Udemy’s most advanced course on Angular components and start NOW to improve your skills!

This course will take you through the whole complexity of Angular components, starting with the most basic level, and reaching the most advanced cases.

From using Inputs and Outputs, to communication between transcluded components and generating components dynamically. This course covers all component related aspects you need to learn in order to master Angular as a professional.

Some of the topics that you will learn through the course, are:

  •  Angular components lifecycle
  • Communication between parent and children components, in both directions
  • Template Reference Variables
  • Component architectures
  • Observables & AsyncPipe
  • View style’s encapsulation
  • Change detection strategies
  • Content projection (transclusion)
  • Platform Agnostic Rendering
  • Dynamic Components

Also, if you get stuck somehow, you will benefit from a friendly and fast support, via direct communication and through the forum 😉

Angular is one of the most powerful and efficient modern frontend frameworks you can learn right now. It allows you to build complex webs with ease and obtaining incredible results. Learn now all you need to develop powerful websites in Angular with all the guarantees.

Those are some reviews from the students of my original components course (in Spanish):

– Excellent way to explain each topic, videos without errors and direct to the point, audio quality and video, spectacular too. It is always focused into the subject and very complete. Now it’s my turn to continue learning, thank you very much. Keep it up. regards

– Very good course, makes you change you way of seeing components.

– Excellent course, teach very well advanced subjects that I did not find in other courses, respond quickly, I am happy and I recommend it extensively.

– Very interesting contents for efficient programming

– Excellent course, now I have a cleared idea about how the components work in angular and how to implement good practices, I recommend it 100% to become experts with angular.

– Very good subject explained in the course, according to what was promised before starting. Good practices for better performance in an Angular app.

– Very complete and well explained

– I consider it an excellent course, it helps to understand the components in a clear way and applying good practices.

– Excellent course, very well explained

– For now the best Udemy course I’ve done with a lot of difference!

– He Masters the topic to perfection

 The best angular course 2 I’ve ever done. Thank you very much

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with basic knowledge of Angular and willing to dig deeper.



Master the Angular Components (Angular 2 and Angular 4) like a PRO to create technically brilliant components



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Angular Components – like a Pro! (angular 2 & 4)





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