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Build stronger networking connections, stand out to recruiters, and impress hiring managers in interviews

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Personal Branding: Master Your Elevator Pitch


  • You should ideally have a general idea about your target job to get the most from course
  • My other course on defining your personal brand is a helpful foundation, but not necessary

What does it take to create a powerful first impression with recruiters, hiring managers, and professional contacts? When you’re trying to land your next big role, your ability to create immediate impact will make the difference between you standing out or getting lost in the shuffle. 

So how can you quickly and effectively communicate who you are and what you can offer? What should you say? How much should you say? 

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This course will help you understand how to effectively craft and pitch your professional story to build more meaningful connections when networking, make yourself more memorable to recruiters, and impress hiring managers during interviews

In this course, you’ll learn:

  1. The 3 career-related questions you should always be ready to answer when you’re job hunting.
  2. Simpleframeworks to help you deliver your elevator pitches
  3. Keyprinciples of creating an effective career pitch
  4. Concrete tips on how to come across as a confident, focused professional when talking about yourself
  5. Practicaltechniques to impress hiring managers during job interviews

This course is taught by Joseph Liu, a personal branding consultant, professional career coach, and former blue-chip brand marketer with 10 years’ global industry experience building & relaunching five US & UK brands. Having listened to hundreds of professional pitches, he knows what it takes to cut through the noise and convey who you are. Using simple but powerful branding frameworks informed by marketing tactics, he’ll help you craft an effective elevator pitch to land your next dream role. 

What others have said about this course:

  • “Your elevator pitch frameworks were very useful and practical. Just last week, I used the pitch at a networking event, and it worked like magic because I already have follow-up inquiries. Your approach really works, and I still use it today.” -Tony N. Risk Consultant in London
  • “This job offer came my way because of your great “Tell me about yourself” framework. I can only say positive things about the framework. It helped to build my job interview speech, but it also helped me in so many other occasions. I have used it frequently, still do now. Definitely very useful!” -Carrie M. Investment Manager, New York City
Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals who struggle to explain their background and target roles
  • Career changers who want to craft a clearer career narrative
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to stand out when networking or interviewing


Build stronger networking connections, stand out to recruiters, and impress hiring managers in interviews



Personal Branding: Master Your Elevator Pitch





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