Black and White Photography Post Production Revealed - Create Beathtaking Portraits in Photoshop

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Mastering Black and White Retouching in Photoshop

12 Oct , 2017  


  • You should have computer – Windons or IOS

Are you trying to get the perfect black and white images but still something is missing?

You are in the best place to start. Get your skills to the next level and create outstanding black and white images in Photoshop.

In this coursei will show you something that no one did. I will teach you how to make your images dynamic, clean and full of contrasts.

I am professional fashion and beauty retoucher as well as photoshop ducator with well over 5 years of experience. I work with magazines, tv, websites, fashion designers, hairdresser just to make sure their images look great.

One of my favourtitte and most outstanding images are those in black and white. But it’s not so easy to master it. But I know the right way.

We will start simple from raw conversion and I show you to what you need to pay attention from very beginning. I will also show you how to clean up you image.

After that we will jump to fun stuf! I will show you how to get the perfect contrasts – I will show you how to adjust the contrasts by simply working with masks. I will show you how to create and work with luminosity masks as well as how to use color range to work with lights and shadows, how to get the perfect selections and get amazing control over the light – which is criuical for bw images. You will be true PRO in working with masks. 

This is not everything. Because I will show you work to work even with most detailed things like lips, eyes, ahir or part of the warderobe. Except getting everything whats best from the masks and using power of channels, I will show you how to get even more contrasts by mastering Dodge & Burn Technique. You will see what areas can be dodge and burned to not ovedo or destroy your image! 

At the very end of each section I will be showing you my final steps of work with camera raw software, which is very poerful in adjusting the final contrasts or working with the grayscale.

And all of this working with this beautiful portrait and beauty images!

Which is not everything because in the final sections we will jump to the fashion images and i will show you how to get the strong look and perfect balance between the black and white!

Do you want to push your photography and retouching to the highest. This is the course for You!



Who is the target audience?
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Retouchers
  • Photoshop Post Production Artists
  • Everyone who wants to learn Black & White post production
  • Evryone who thinks about career in Photography or Retouching field
  • Everyone who wants to create better images
  • Everyone who wants to learn masks in photoshop
  • Everyone who wants to master luminosity masks in photoshop
  • Everyone who wants to master lights in photoshop
  • Everyone who wants to have better understanding of lights on the images



Black and White Photography Post Production Revealed - Create Beathtaking Portraits in Photoshop



Mastering Black & White Retouching in Photoshop




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