Learn the fundamentals and develop Machine Learning algorithms from scratch without writing any line of code

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Hands-On Machine Learning Without Writing Code

18 Oct , 2017  

  • Able to use a Windows computer and install software on it
  • High school math

Frustrations of Learning Machine Learning

One of the most common problem learners have when jumping into Machine Learning and Data Science is the steep learning curve and when you add to this the complexity of learning a programming languages like Python (or R) you can get demotivated and lose interest fast.

How This Course Is Different

In this course you will learn the basic concepts of machine learning using a visual tool. Where you can just drag drop machine learning algorithms and all other functionality hiding the ugliness of code, making it much more easier to grasp the fundamental concepts.

I will “hand-hold” you as we build from the scratch 2 different types of supervised machine learning algorithms used in the real world, across several industries and I will explain where and how they are used.

The course will teach you those fundamental concepts by implementing practical exercises which are based on live examples. You will learn the theory, but get hands on practice building these machine learning algorithms.

As a bonus, I will provide

  • datasets used in the exercises
  • solution files of the completed exercises 
  • cheat sheets to help you remember the fundamental concepts and
  • course completion certificate

Join the class and start learning today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Software Programmers or Data Analysts Trying To Switch To A Data Science Career
  • Business Analysts With No Programming Background Yet Want To Learn Machine Learning
  • Students Trying to Understand the Basics of Machine Learning
  • Anyone Who Wants To Understand the Fundamentals Behind Machine Learning


Learn the fundamentals and develop Machine Learning algorithms from scratch without writing any line of code



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Machine Learning Without Writing Code





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