Study / Revision Skills & Memory Skills... that WORK !

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Study / Revision Skills & Memory Skills… that WORK !

28 Oct , 2017  


  • You need the right attitude to “WANT” to have fun, step up, and use what this course gives you.
  • You will need coloured pens or felt tips, paper and a smile.
  • A commitment to make time to learn and apply what is learnt.
  • Access to the internet for research purposes.
  • A willingness to ask for help if needed.
  • A “reason” to achieve BIG in your exams that makes you want to take MASSIVE action
  • a desire to complete the course to understand how it all works together to help you SUCCEED

A series of fun, challenging and easy to apply and proven techniques that have got students great results for well over 17 years.

Learn and apply memory skills, a great goal setting process that has helped students to achieve BIG, and see how to plan your studies in a way that suits your learning style and personality.

No longer be afraid ion what you do not understand, and see how howmotivate yourself to SMASH those anxieties.

The presenter (David Hyner) presents to between 10’000 – 50’000 students all over the world every year and his infectious enthusiasm will have you wanting to start “right now”.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students aged 14 – 50 who struggle to get motivated to learn or revise
  • Those studying for exams
  • Students who want to try something… different…
  • Those who are ready to make their learning FUN !
  • Those who know what to learn, but do not know “how” to learn.

Study / Revision Skills & Memory Skills... that WORK !



Study Revision Skills & Memory that WORK !



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