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From beginners to expert level in 15 hours. Learn from a developer writing code and executing it.

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AngularJs with Bootstrap in Action


  • Having a basic understanding of HTML also helps but it is also not mandatory
  • Understanding “if” and loops clauses helps but are not mandatory

If you heard about directives, scope, routes, Dependency Injection, Browserify, bootstrap,controllers, factories … and you have no idea or not quite sure what they are or how to use them or you just want to learn AngularJS then this course is for you.

This course was designed for either new or existing developers. All the sections and lectures are split in a way that will help you get the most of this course which no boring sections.

You will not just learn AngularJS but you will understand it. Learn from whom works with it on a daily bases and have the passion to coach ( that would be me lol ).

All the code is written on each lecture and explained as we write it. 
Every section has one “introduction” and one “overview and download” lectures which helps to prepare you for what is coming and to wrap it up with what we just learned. 

There are 10 projects to be developed with you on the fly and if you feel like skipping it no worries you can always download it.

For the last project we will create a nice Blog application using Bootstrap, toastr which can be seen on the last free preview.

Angular 4 is there but many companies cannot move even to Angular 2 because of compatibility. This will teach you from the basic $scope to the complex stuff like routing, services, multiple controllers, using date filter, promises and much more.

I hope you join me on this adventure.

Feel free to watch the introduction video and the previous available.


Marcos Costa

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn AngularJs
  • Interested in apply Browserify into the AngularJS application
  • Developers seeking to improve their skills
  • Existing AngularJS developers seeking to refine their understanding of AngularJS



From beginners to expert level in 15 hours. Learn from a developer writing code and executing it.



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AngularJs with Bootstrap From Beginner To Expert




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