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A Quick introduction to Python's NumPy and Pandas Modules

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Python NumPy & Pandas Intro.



  • A Windows PC or Apple Mac with OSX.
  • Some basic programming skills in Python

Learn Python’s NumPy & Pandas Modules Today !

Python NumPy & Pandas Intro. course gives you comprehensive overview of the two important modules of Python: NumPy and Pandas. 

Here are some important topics of this course:

1. Creating one and multi dimensional arrays using NumPy module.

2. Array shape, reshape and sum methods.

3. Zeros and Ones arrays.

4. Array Arithmetic.

5. Array Transpose.

6. Array Slices and Views.

7. Array Universal Functions.

8. Creating Series objects.

9. Series Indexing and reindexing.

10. Series Selections and  data alignment.

11. Series Rank and Sort methods.

12. Multi-Level Indexing.

13. Creating Data Frames using Pandas.

14. Data selection in Data Frames.

15. Boolean Data Frames.

16. Operations on Data Frames.

17. Multi-Level Indexing in Data Frames.

18. Plotting Stock prices using data from Yahoo.

Who is the target audience?
  • Professional Programmers.
  • IT Team Leaders / Managers.

A Quick introduction to Python's NumPy and Pandas Modules


Python NumPy & Pandas Intro.



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