PHP For Beginners: Master Web Development With Laravel 5, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Mysql, CMS, HTML Projects

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PHP For Beginners: OOP, MySQL & CMS For Web Development

24 Nov , 2017  

  • No Prior Knowledge Or Work Is Necessary To Take This Course.
  • Pen And Paper For Precious Notes

Developers and programmers uses PHP everyday for web development. It’s a crucial part of their job and mastering PHP makes it much easier. Plus, most companies need programmers for their websites, but you can’t apply for these jobs since you can’t use PHP correctly.

What if you could change that?

My complete PHP for beginner’s course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to become a great developer, master PHP, do Object-Oriented Programming in PHP manage databases.

For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. 🙂

This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

In PHP For Beginners, You’ll Learn:

  • Know Data Types, Control Structures, Custom Functions & Advance Arrays In PHP
  • Object-Oriented Programming In PHP
  • PHP Security Methods & Considerations
  • CMS (Control Management System)
  • Pagination And PHP
  • Laravel Fundamentals, Routing, Layouts & Adding Tasks
  • MySQL Concepts & Database


Is This For You?

  • Do you want to become great at PHP?
  • Are you afraid of coding or think it’s too complicated?
  • Do you think you will feel proud being a good developer and easily code with PHP?

Then this course will definitely help you.

This course is essential to all developers, programmers, internet marketers and anyone looking to master PHP for web development.

I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.


Why To Become Great At PHP As A Developer?

Let Me Show You Why To Become Great At PHP As A Developer:

1. You will become a great developer.

2. You will master PHP.

3. You will do Object-Oriented Programming in PHP.

4. You will manage databases. 

Who is the target audience?
  • All Developers, Programmers, Internet Marketers
  • Anyone Looking To Master PHP For Web Development.
  • This Is NOT For People Looking For A Lazy Way Of Coding Or Magic Codes

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PHP : OOP, MySQL & CMS For Web Development




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