Learn the utmost basics of making a game in Unity3D in just 3 hours.


  • This course has no pre-requisites.

In this course you will learn the very basics of making a video game using Unity3D. We will go through concepts such as basic GUI design, programming concepts and how to use existing assets to develop your game. 

something to keep in is that this course is not meant to give you a full understanding of Unity3D or Programming. It’s rather a quick and dirty way of getting you started with Unity3D with confidence. You should follow this course if you want to know what Unity3D is all about and how easy it would be to get started with it.

I have included all assets for this course in the contents. You will receive sound effects and picture assets. You will also have the final project with all the scenes, assets and codes.

In general, this course should not take you longer than 3 hours to complete.

I’ve structured the course around usability and quick results. This is useful if you wish to get your game up and running really quickly.

This course is particularly useful if you are already a programmer and want to jumpstart Unity3D.

So good luck and see you at finish line.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are thinking of getting started with Unity3D but you are not sure how difficult it might be.
  • If you are already a programmer and want to jumpstart your Unity3D / C#.





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