Learn lambda expressions in Java 8

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Java 8 Lambda Expressions

6 Dec , 2017  


  • Knowledge of Java programming language
  • JDK 1.8
  • Any Java IDE or text editor to write code

This course is divided into four parts.

1 – Basic introduction to lambda expressions

2 – Anonymous inner classes and lambda – This section describes how to convert an anonymous inner class into a lambda expression. It also describes how to create custom lambda interfaces for our applications. It has another section which compares anonymous inner classes and lambdas and explains when to use each.

3 – Lambdas in detail – This section describes in detail the concepts related to lambdas. They are – type inferencing, effectively final, method and constructor referencing.

4 – Functional programming – This section has an introduction to functional programming. It also explains how these principles can be applied to Java programs. This section has examples to use built-in functional interfaces.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wants to learn lambda expressions in Java 8


Learn lambda expressions in Java 8



Java 8 Lambda Expressions




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