Become More Skilled, More Versatile, More Valuable as an I.T. Professional with Perl

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Enhance Your Skill Set with Perl

7 Dec , 2017  

  • You should be comfortable using a computer. Your computer skills should include the following: (1) the ability to get on the Internet and go to websites; (2) the ability to access and use your computer’s command line; (3) knowledge of how to navigate folders or directories on your computer; (4) the ability to create and edit text files on a Windows computer, or regular files on a Unix-based computer. Also, some programming knowledge will be very helpful.

You will learn and practice basic and intermediate level Perl skills in this course, including:

* Downloading and installing Perl on your computer

* Using Perl to work with numbers and strings.  This could be used to do mathematical calculations and to manipulate strings.

* Read data into your programs, detect data patterns, and alter that data with regular expressions and various Perl functions

* Store lists of data in arrays and hashes

* Use subroutines to break your programs up into manageable pieces

* Access and use ready-made code (modules)

* Store data in complex data structures (e.g. arrays of arrays, hashes of hashes, hashes of arrays, and arrays of hashes) using references

* See all of the above in action and practice what you learn by writing your own programs

Who is the target audience?
  • IT professionals that want to increase their value in the marketplace by adding Perl knowledge to their skill set.

Become More Skilled, More Versatile, More Valuable as an I.T. Professional with Perl



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Enhance Your Skill with I.T. Professional with Perl




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