Learn Ntive Android Development Through C# in Xamarin


  • Basic Understanding of Programming
  • Understanding of what an IDE is
  • Some familiarity with C#

In this Xamarin course we will develop a simple Memory Puzzle Game using Xamarin and C# for Android environment. 

Throughout the course, we will explore how to use the Xamarin Android axml editor to build our basic interface elements. We will also look into the use of hard coded elements that are developed dynamically.  

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We will then move on to building the logic of our game and how it would appear on the interface. Next thing will be the interactions that user can make with the game.

This course is well tailored to anyone who wants to start developing with Xamarin and C#. If you have some experience with programming in the past, this should be quite simple to follow. If this is your first time coding, you might have to review some sections more than once. 

Throughout the course, I will give you my assets as well as a copy of my project at each step of the way and I am also available if you had any questions or issues. This will help you in case you fell behind or wanted to compare your project with mine. 

By the end of the course, you should be able to port various concepts and frameworks from Android SDK into Xamarin and how to use the C# language to develop basic Android applications.

I hope you enjoy it and see you at finish line.
Amir J

Who is the target audience?
  • Mobile developers
  • C# programmers planning to enter mobile development
  • Students planning to learn mobile Android development

Learn Ntive Android Development Through C# in Xamarin


Xamarin Native Android Puzzle Game with C#




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