The complete guide to build Rest Apis with Hapijs And Mongoose

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NodeJs: Building REST APIS With HapiJs


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  • Basic knowledge of Javascript required
  • Students must be familar with Nodejs
  • Knowledge of ExpressJs will be beneficial for you!

What’s this course about?

Learn how to build rest APIs with HapiJs and Mongoose. I will teach you how to learn code by doing. You will solve real-world problem with HapiJs and Mongoose. At the end of this course, you will build APIS in HapiJs. You will be able to create APIS for any web application, e-commerce, recruitment platform, content management system, etc.

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More details, please!

Javascript runs everywhere. You can build modern web applications by using Javascript. Nodejs is a very efficient approach to develop your backend application. All the Highly successful companies are using Nodejs in production. Some of them are: 


There are many frameworks in Nodejs some of them are:


Why you should learn HapiJs

Walmart Labs developed HapiJs. Walmart is using this framework in production level. HapiJs is built on the top of the ExpressJs framework. Express is a very minimalistic framework. You can make highly scalable web APIs in HapiJs. Walmart tested the HapiJs framework on Black Friday. They got a beneficial response. Paypal is also using HapiJs.

One of the best features of HapiJs provides plugins. You can extend the Hapi Application by using HapiJs. Plugins also allow you to divide your applications into modules. There are many useful plugins available to document your rest APIs in HapiJs

What’s the course?

What is HapiJs
Why you should use HapiJs
Why HapiJs is an excellent choice for building APIS
Learn Building Blocks of HapiJs
Learn how to create APIS
Learn how to connect HapiJs Application to MongoDB
Learn how to use Hapi Application to Mongoose
Learn the best practices to handler Errors in Hapi
Learn the validations in HapiJs
How to use Plugins
How to extend server functionality by using external plugins
How to create your own custom plugin
How to divide or modularize application with the help of plugins
Learn how to create relationship between models
Learn how to add one to many relationships in Mongoose
Learn how to implement many to many relationships in Mongoose
Understanding how to apply JWT authentication in HapiJs
Learn how to secure your routes using jwt scheme
Learn how to do logging in Hapi Application

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to learn how to build REST APIS in HapiJs
  • Students who want to learn how to build REST APIS in NodeJs
  • Students who want to take their web services knowledge to the next level.
  • Students who know ExpressJs and want to learn HapiJs

 The complete guide to build Rest Apis with Hapijs And Mongoose


NodeJs: Building REST APIS With HapiJs



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