How do venture capitalists think? Learn how to pitch your startup, apply for venture capital and write business plans.

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Venture Capital – The Ultimate Short Venture Capital Guide

11 Dec , 2017  

  • No prior knowledge required.

„Leon changed my life!!! I took this course only two days before I had a pitch at a large venture capital firm. I did not know how to structure my presentation, never wrote a business plan and did not seem to understand what venture capitalists want from me. After only 1 1/2 hours of watching this course, i felt fully prepared. AND…the venture capital firm invested in my startup. Thank YOU SO SO MUCH LEON!!!!“

– (Steve T., MN, USA)

„I am a venture capitalist with 15 years experience and I have to say that this course baffles me. Leon put a very thought-through course together which displays how we venture capitalists think. I know him from a couple of meetings at his company. He’s is brilliant young man.“ 

(Martin K., Amsterdam, Holland) 

Welcome to the #1 comprehensible venture capital course on Udemy!

Leon Chaudhari is a 7-figure entrepreneur, CEO of two companies, advisor for several startups in Berlin, an author, and award-winning inventor. 

In this course, Chaudhari gives deep insides into the world of venture capital firms. The knowledge he teaches is NOT theoretical. All knowledge taught in this course has been applied and tested. This course provides the ultimate starter pack for young entrepreneurs and those who want to apply for venture capital. 

Chaudhari’s companies applied for venture capital and received it. Nevertheless, Leon has seen more than one perspective. He has also been on the other side, listening to startup pitches and deciding whether to invest or not. 

What will you learn in this course? 

> After taking this course, you will have a deep understanding of how venture capital firms operate and what they expect from you as an applicant 

> You will be able to present your startup properly 

> You will be able to write business plans that convince venture capitalists to invest into your business 

> You will be able to use 2 incredible spreadsheets in order to structure financial data within your startup 

If you got any questions, you can text Mr. Chaudhari or the Institute of Applied Education at any time. We offer 24/7/365 FREE support. 

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Who is the target audience?
  • Hard-working students who are willing to succeed
  • Startup founders who want to apply for venture capital now or in the future
  • Everyone who is interested in startups and how to make money

How do venture capitalists think? Learn how to pitch your startup, apply for venture capital and write business plans.


Venture Capital – Short Venture Capital Guide






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