Learn with best and easy way : Prime Factorization, LCM, GCF and Fractions

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Math Fundamentals Algebra Series -1


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  • Minimum knowledge of arithmetic skills ( addition , subtraction, multiplication and division)

This course includes all possible types of fraction problems with video lectures and text explanations which help you to gain 100% confident while dealing with any types of fractions. 95% students found comfortable and  confident  in solving fractions after taking this course. In the video lectures few problems I have solved in two different methods, so that you can go with any of the method that makes better sense to you to understand the concept.

At the end of each and every video lectures  assignment questions and  quiz questions will be provided to you to help you to test your understanding along the way.

To become a Master in Fractions the course is organised into the following sections. *Prime Factorization.*Least Common Multiple (LCM)* Greatest Common factor (GCF)/Highest Common Factor (HCF).*Simplify fraction (or Reduce fraction)  to the lowest term. *Convert mixed number to improper fraction. *Convert improper fraction to mixed number. *Add fractions with like denominators. *Subtract fractions with like denominators. *Add fractions with unlike denominators. *Subtract fractions with unlike denominators. *Multiply fractions. *Divide fractions. *Add and subtract mixed numbers (mixed fractions) with like denominators.*Add and subtract mixed numbers (mixed fractions) with unlike denominators. *Multiply and Divide mixed fractions.

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Notes: The notes section is where you find the most important things to learn, remember and refresh your knowledge.

Video Lectures: Watch the video lectures carefully to understand each and every steps of the problem. I have covered all the common possible questions which are usually asked in your exam.

Assignment Questions: The assignment section will cover the related questions discussed in video lectures which help you to test yourself and build the confidence.

Quiz Questions: When you think that you have enough confidence on a topic , you can test your knowledge by taking one of our quiz test. Quiz questions are having four different options and you will be asked to mark the correct option. Once quiz is over you can check you score percentage. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Students from 3rd grade to higher grade students who are trying to learn the math with concept , improve and refresh their knowledge in Prime Factorization, LCM , GCF and Fractions.
  • Any one who want to learn the math with easy methodology and breakdown concepts.

Learn with best and easy way : Prime Factorization, LCM, GCF and Fractions


Math Fundamentals Algebra Series -1




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