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Python for Beginners: Learn Python with Practical Exercises!



  • A Willingness To Learn Awesome Python Skills

Hi I’m Sam, a big data engineer and full stack web developer teaching you to program in Python in the most efficient and down to earth approach. I will not only teach you to code but also the environment used to develop python code used by everyday data scientists and big data engineers.

This course is streamlined into 3 hours to fit into a busy schedule. All content in this course will be highly reusable in a real world situation. This course is strictly no ‘fluff’ which means we will get into the core of programming straight away without going through hours of theory which you will never apply on real projects.

So if you want to learn python programming to transition into data science, or the big data space and don’t have the luxury of time you have come to the right place!

Course is split up into sections as below:

Environment Setup – Here you learn and install the most popular environments used by data scientists and developers

Data Types and Methods – The abc’s of the coding language.

Control and Looping  – Learn how to control the flow of the program and repeat tasks

Functions – Help Automate your tasks

Error Handling – Handles errors in real world applications

Object Oriented Programming – Learn OOP to be even better at programming

File Structure & Running in Terminal – Learn how Python modules work and run in Terminal

Who is the target audience?
  • For People Who want to learn Python Fundamentals and later transition into Data Science, Web Development or Big Data
  • For Complete Programming Beginners
  • For People New to Python
  • Not Intended for Seasoned Developers

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Python Beginners: Python with Practical Exercises!



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