Android Programming with basic and high level examples

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Android Programming with basic and high level examples

3 Feb , 2018  


  • you should Know the java Basic and OOP Concepts If you don’t ,then dont worry i will tell you

In this course you will learn How to install and setup your Android studio. 

You will learn the basics of the android.such as XML Layouts views etc

After that you will learn how to create different basic level and high level applications which includes…

   XML Practice.

   Interaction of Java with XML.

   How to Build GUI With Layouts.

   How to Handel Events.

  1. Calculator
  2. Prime number game
  3. Message app
  4. Phone-book app
  5. animations
  6. Threading
  7. Web Services

And Many more!!!!

Who is the target audience?
  • All students are invited

Android Programming with basic and high level examples


Android Programming & high level examples




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