Learn how to model, texturize, light and renderize with Maya 2018 and Arnold Render.

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Learn Maya 2018: Modeling a Cartoon Ship.

3 Feb , 2018  

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  • The learner must be familiar with Autodesk Maya.
  • And also be computer literate.

Hello, welcome. And welcome to the Maya Course 2018: Modeling a Cartoon Ship. We are a studio with more than 10 years dedicated to the creation of courses in the area of programming, 3d, animation and creation of games, both for online courses and for school classrooms.

In this course I will show you the entire production process of a cartoon style ship, from modeling to rendering and exporting a final image, using the Maya 2018 and Arnold Render features.

First we will start modeling the ship’s cabin through simple objects. I’ll model the glass part of the cabin, and set a turbine on the back of the ship. Next you will learn how to add details into models by creating details in the central region of the ship’s cabin.

With the cabin models created and smoothed, I’m going to start modeling a second turbine for the ship. From this point, we will work with curves and the application of the NURBS tool and conversion of NURBS mesh to polygon.

With the base structure of the turbine created I will add details in the mesh of it and create new elements to complement the model. With the template ready, I’ll move on to the part of creating and setting up the scene lighting.

Let’s create a background for the scene and a camera for the final render. Next we’ll create and configure all the project lighting using Arnold Render features. With everything ready, let’s set up the final render parameters, render and save a high resolution image of our project.

To do this course you will need a computer, previous knowledge in Maya, which you can find in our basic Maya course here at Udemy, or on our website. This course is intended for illustrators, animators, designers, or any artist who wants to enhance their techniques in creating and rendering models in Maya 2018.

I invite you to take this course, and improve the quality of your productions in Autodesk Maya 2018.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is aimed at Game Designers, 3D Generalists, 3D Modelers, Designers, Game Developers, Animators, CAD users, Product Designers, Jewelry Designers and people in general with a keen interest in 3D and Game Art.

Learn how to model, texturize, light and renderize with Maya 2018 and Arnold Render.


Learn Maya 2018: Modeling a Cartoon Ship




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