Get verified twitter users to tweet about you and your brand.

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Twitter Celebrity Marketing: Using Twitter Influencers!


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  • Internet access and very basic knowledge of Twitter
  • A budget of $5 or less if you want to hire your first influencer during the course.
  • A Twitter account

Get Tweeted About by Verified (Blue Tick) Influencers on Twitter! 

In this course, I’ll teach you how to reach verified Twitter influencers and celebrities and get them to tweet about your brand for the price of a latte. Not only will you learn how to use Twitter influencers to build your brand, but you’ll also learn how to use them to get other people to trust you. 

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Twitter influencers are the reason why I was able to score a spot on national television and build my business when I had no money at all. Now, I run a full-service digital marketing agency and travel the world in my spare time, all thanks to the power of influencers. 

I can’t wait to teach you how to boost your business and personal brand by using Twitter influencers! 

A Note to My Students 

In these lectures, I mention tools and services you can use to hire influencers. You don’t have to use them to complete the course or to gain knowledge about Twitter influencer marketing. They are suggestions and are not vital to your comprehension of the course. Feel free to substitute them for whatever tools or resources you like. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who sell products online
  • Companies that rely on online business
  • People who want to improve their reputation
  • Influencers themselves
  • People building brands
  • People who want to promote themselves
  • Anybody who wants to learn powerful marketing secrets

Get verified twitter users to tweet about you and your brand.


Twitter Celebrity Marketing: Twitter Influencers!