Learn more than 80 tools in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 – Learn the Tools of the Trade

9 Feb , 2018  


  • You should have a PC or MAC with Adobe Illustrator CC installed.
  • The latest version of Illustrator is recommended but older version will also work.

Abraham Lincoln once said“ if i had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. This quote is the philosophy behind this course where i will teach you all the tools in Adobe Illustrator cc 2018. I believe if you have a solid understanding about the working of the tools in illustrator then you would have a solid base and when you have a solid base, you can build whatever on top of it and can succeed.

Adobe Illustrator is Industry-standard vector graphics creation software and is used for creating logos,web graphics, cartoons, character designs, infographics, website layout, mobile UI/UX design, banners, T-shirt designs, abstract art, wallpapers etc.

How i am going to teach

1) i will introduce you to the tool ( location , shortcut)

2) Detailed explanation of the tool and teach you how to use it.

3) Customizing the tool.

4) Working with modifier keys if apply to a tool.

5) Creating graphics using the tool.

In this course the student will learn all the tools that are available in illustrator cc 2018 and the list of tools are-

    1. Selection tool.
    2. Direct selection tool.
    3. Group selection tool.
    4. Magic wand tool.
    5. Lasso tool.
    6. Artboard tool.
    1. Type tool.
    2. Area type tool.
    3. Type on a path tool.
    4. Vertical Type tool.
    5. Vertical area type tool.
    6. Vertical type on a path tool.
    7. Touch type tool.
    1. Rotate tool.
    2. Reflect tool.
    3. Scale tool.
    4. Shear tool.
    5. Reshape tool.
    6. Width tool.
    7. Warp tool.
    8. Twirl tool.
    9. Pucker tool.
    10. Bloat tool.
    11. Scallop tool.
    12. Crystallize tool.
    13. Wrinkle tool.
    14. Puppet wrap tool ( new addition 2018)
    15. Free transform tool.
    1. Symbol sprayer tool.
    2. Symbol shifter tool.
    3. Symbol scruncher tool.
    4. Symbol sizer tool.
    5. Symbol spinner tool.
    6. Symbol screener tool.
    7. Symbol styler tool.
    1. Pen tool.
    2. Add anchor point tool.
    3. Delete anchor point tool.
    4. Anchor point tool.
    5. Curvature tool.
    6. Line segment tool.
    7. Arc tool.
    8. Spiral tool.
    9. Rectangular grid tool.
    10. Polar grid tool.
    11. Rectangle tool.
    12. Rounded rectangle tool.
    13. Ellipse tool.
    14. Polygon tool.
    15. Star tool.
    16. Flare tool.
    17. Shaper tool.
    18. Pencil tool.
    19. Smooth tool.
    20. Path eraser tool.
    21. Join tool.
    22. Perspective Grid tool.
    23. Perspective selection tool.
    24. Shape builder tool.
    1. Paintbrush tool.
    2. Blob brush tool.
    3. Mesh tool.
    4. Gradient tool.
    5. Eyedropper tool.
    6. Measure tool.
    7. Live paint bucket tool.
    8. Live paint selection tool.
    9. Blend tool.
  7. Graph tool
    1. Column graph tool.
    2. Stacked column graph tool.
    3. Bar graph tool.
    4. Stacked bar graph tool.
    5. Line graph tool.
    6. Area graph tool.
    7. Scatter graph tool.
    8. Pie graph tool.
    9. Radar graph tool.
    1. Slice tool
    2. Slice selection tool.
    3. Eraser tool.
    4. Scissor tool.
    5. Knife tool.
    1. Hand tool
    2. Zoom tool.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to master the use of tools in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Aspiring Graphics designers.

Learn more than 80 tools in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 – Learn the Tools Trade




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