Focused on the most commonly asked interview questions. Get better and be prepared.

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Algorithms and Data Structures Made Easy in Java

9 Feb , 2018  


  • basic understanding of if/else, for and while loops in any language

On this course Algorithms and Data Structures you will learn and code Euclid, Linear Search, Insert Sort, Binary Search, Quick Sort

also Binary Tree, Linked List, Doubly Linked List, Prefix Tree or Trie Tree, Stack

and finally some coding interview questions Print Odd Numbers, Longest Substring Without Repeating Character (Amazon Question), Sudoku (Amazon Question)

This is not just one of the most feared subjects in the computer science world but it is also one of the hottest topics. Algorithms and Data Structures are very important topics since your choice of algorithm and datastructure will affect memory and CPU time differently.

This topic will also help your daily coding as it did to me. There are hundreds of different algorithms and data structures but we will cover just a few of the most popular and one that might help you on your current project. 

This course will get you ready to code and eager to learn more.

It is priceless to have the confidence to show off your skills without fear. You will be able to prove in a whiteboard interview that you are not just good but you are awesome.


Who is the target audience?
  • This course was designed for Developers that want to learn more about Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Java developers that are preparing for a technical interview
  • Developers from any language that understands Java
  • If you want to get better and improve your skills



Focused on the most commonly asked interview questions. Get better and be prepared.


Algorithms & Data Structures Made Easy in Java




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