Basic awareness guide on Internet security and privacy to keep you, your home, and your employer safe.

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Security Awareness Training – Internet Security for Everyone


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Data breaches are on the rise and it’s getting more and more dangerous to function online. We need you to help keep things secure.

That’s right. Security is more than an IT or Security department function and we haven’t been as good at communicating that to you in the past.

You may hear professionals claim how everyone is getting compromised over simple attacks that have been around for decades. It starts off as something that’s easy to prevent then launches into an intelligence war. “It’s easy to protect yourself,” some may claim. “All you need to do is be careful what you download, who you talk to, and what you allow to happen.” They give off the vibe that people don’t care.

If you boil everything down to its most basic essence, then maybe that could be true. If it’s so easy then why do we continue to get hammered with news of more breaches?

Unfortunately, even the best security awareness programs out there are missing one key part. 

The WHY.

This security awareness training course will not only give you the “what” to look out for, but also the “why” and how the “what” works. After taking this course you’ll be armed with knowledge on how to better protect yourself and your organization from threats.

Surprisingly, the biggest change will probably not be to start doing, but rather to stop doing. You’ll be surprised to how some of your behavior is super risky, even without you realize you were doing it.

And the best part is, I won’t twist your arm or shame you into changing. I sincerely want you to succeed so there’s no victim shaming here. I believe there’s a better way to change your behavior than vehemently shove security terms and nerdspeak down your throat.

This security awareness course IS:

  1. a security awareness course meaning it’s information and awareness based.
  2. for anyone who has a security awareness training requirement.
  3. for home users who simply want to learn more about internet security and privacy.

This security awareness course is NOT:

  1. a technical or operational security guide.
  2. a technically charged course with jargon that only your IT or security department would understand.

Since this course is not technical, beginners ranging form your co-worker that barely knows how to turn a computer on to your Grandma that uses Facebook too much can take and understand this course.

Thank you for your interest in this security awareness training course. It means a lot to me and all the other security professionals out there that you care about your safety out there. To move forward, please click on the Buy Now button on the right side of the page to enroll in this course. I can’t wait to see you on the inside and I look forward to serving you more!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn about security and privacy online for personal development or to help protect their family.
  • Employees who use a computer and the Internet to do their jobs.
  • Those who want to learn more about protecting themselves against basic attacks such as phishing, social engineering, malicious websites, etc.
  • Anyone who’s looking for a basic security awareness course.
  • IT folks who need ideas on how to reach their users.
  • Anyone who wants a peek into the state of information security.
  • This course is NOT meant for people looking for advanced knowledge by way of technical guidance or operational security.

Basic awareness guide on Internet security and privacy to keep you, your home, and your employer safe.


Security Awareness Training – Internet Security