complete guide to arduino,sensors and a lot more with theory and practical

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Mastering Arduino From beginners To Core Advance

11 Feb , 2018  


  • • If you only wish to only view the course ,then nothing is required• If you only wish to only view the course ,then nothing is required
  • • Computer with windows installed
  • • An Arduino or clone board for practical
  • • Complete list of material will be provided in lesson 1 beginning

“I want to put a ding in the universe.”  – Steve Jobs


A lot is there to study and we will begin with the basics to beginners then we will move towards intermediate and then to advance levels. A glimpse of the course is as follows:- 

1. Introduction

2. what is arduino

3. microcontroller

4. Atmega 328 details

5. connection of Atmel 328 with arduino

6. arduino UNO and bread board wiring

7. let’s get started with programming

8. download and install software

9. about the environment

10. how to blink led (hello world)

11. arduino syntax

12. understanding variables

13. digital read and serial port

14. analog read

15. introduction to pwm

16. fade a led

17. if conditional statement

18. for loop

19. while loop

20. using array

21. difference between input and output

22. difference between digital and analog

23. multiple led

24. button input

25. analog input

26. analog output

27. liquid crystal display

28. types of motors

29. simple dc motor

30. servo motor

31. stepper motor

32. running dc motor

33. running servo motor

34. running stepper motor

35. introduction to sensors

Who is the target audience?
  • a wide range of peoples from absolute beginners to hobbyists to expert level intellects

complete guide to arduino,sensors and a lot more with theory and practical


Mastering Arduino beginners To Core Advance




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