Design Free Book Covers, Create Mockups & Learn PowerPoint Picture & Text Effects (2016, 2013)

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Book Cover Design

11 Feb , 2018  


  • You should be able to use PowerPoint at a basic beginner level
  • Access to PowerPoint 2016 or 2013
  • You can use also Microsoft Office 365 30-day FREE trial version (includes PowerPoint 2016)

Have you noticed that all book cover designs generally can be divided into those that look well-designed and those that don’t?  Do you know why?

Because creators of the designs that look well-designed have used some basic principles that every professional designer knows, but others don’t. If you are a self-publishing author and are starting out on a very small budget, a homemade, DIY book cover is a practical solution. However, the worst thing you can do is consider your cover design like a blank canvas and add all elements randomly without deeper understanding what role they are playing. So, in this course you are going to learn how to use colors, fonts, pictures and graphical design principles to communicate your genre and create a book cover that attracts your readers’ attention. Moreover, you will learn practical know-hows and advanced techniques to create your own and original book cover design in PowerPoint 2016 (If you don’t have PowerPoint 2016 you can apply the same techniques also in PowerPoint 2013).

The additional benefit is that the same principles and techniques that you use for your book cover design you will be able to use also for creating other visuals – for social media and web. Therefore, you will never need to consider paying for additional image editing softwares or tools, because PowerPoint can offer everything you need. You will be surprised how multi-functional it is. This course is full of techniques you can use for creating different kind of visuals for almost every purpose.

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Who is the target audience?
  • Self-Published Authors
  • Indie Authors
  • Bloggers that need book covers for their lead magnets

Design Free Book Covers, Create Mockups & Learn PowerPoint Picture & Text Effects (2016, 2013)


Guide to Creating Your Book Cover Design




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