The Secret Way To Easily Publish Fast While Making Sure You Have a Great Cover Design That Sells

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HowTo Easily Publish PDFs As Your own Paperback & Hardcovers


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  • You should be able to use a basic computer

Is there a way to turn an PDF/Ebook into a physical paperback, Textbook, or Harcover book?


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1. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

Secretly and Excitingly find ways to convert any PDF into a PAPERBACK, HARDCOVER OR TEXTBOOK for Free.

2. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

Privately and Safely Convert eBooks without violating your terms of service with places like Amazon.

3. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

Use the New and Improved free way to upload your PDF to the absolute best Print on Demand sites that require no upfront money to sell your book.

4. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Powerfully have your book printed with a SUPER FIRE AUDIENCE-PULLINGchoice of cover.

5. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

Get your paperback mailed to your home and Instantly and Quality Get Your Self-Publishing Business Registered and licensed with your state so you can quickly and easily save massive amounts of money on taxes.


6. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Turn on a Results getting super simple and effective sales funnel attached to your book to collect money while you set it and forget it.

7. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Safely create a 300 piece-1000-piece books product body of work in less than 3 months that will feed you for the rest of your life.

8. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Secretly create a unique and Compelling Press Pulling Author Table at your local Brick and Mortar Bookstore and Benefit greatly by getting Clear-Cut Sales, followers on your Author Social Media, and Global Notoriety as a Smash!!!! Hot!!!!! Author.

9. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Unleash the Global Author within you to the rest of the paying world despite Family and friends never expecting or even ever knowing your author side.

10. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Simply get up your Guaranteed Sales Pages and a Clear-Cut Compelling Author Website up before Your Book Even arrives that will make you look good and sell, sell, sell your book before it even arrives printed in the mail.

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Who is the target audience?
  • Any One who wants to clear-cut see there name on there very own paperback book

The Secret Way To Easily Publish Fast While Making Sure You Have a Great Cover Design That Sells


Publish PDFs As Your own Paperback & Hardcovers