Learn the methods and the techniques that the hackers are using to hack websites.

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Web Applications Hacking and Penetration Testing (practical)

12 Feb , 2018  


  • Basic understanding of HTML, HTTP and Javascript.
  • Understanding PHP code and Java Script will help although it is not mandatory.
  • A desire to learn.

This course is not like other courses. This Course will be fully practical, I will not teach you the boring stuff that you can get from Google. All the videos in this course are simpleshort and practical. You will learn how to discover Web Application vulnerabilities through penetration testing. You will also practice Penetration Testing against a number of real-world web applications.


Buy this course right now, because: 

  • More lessons will be added.
  • I will explain other web application attacks.
  • I will teach you many other hacking tools.
  • I will answer all your questions.
  • I will make my utmost effort to help you.
Who is the target audience?
  • Penetration testers
  • Web developers
  • IT admins and staff
  • Anyone who wants to learn website hacking

Learn the methods and the techniques that the hackers are using to hack websites.


Web Applications Hacking & Penetration Testing




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