• Before starting this course aquire the Rider White or Morgan Greer Tarot deck. Keep a journal to keep notes on intuitions that will set in as you grow.
  • You needn’t have any previous knowledge of the Tarot as this course takes you from the ground level and up

If you are seeking how-to advance your spirituality and developing a gift to help & guide others, then the Tarot is a perfect tool for you to learn. By taking this tarot course you will learn to read for personal use, or to give psychic readings to earn income as a professional reader.

By these easy steps The Tarot will teach you:

  • ·         How to give Accurate Readings
  • ·         Guide Others with Deep & Divine Insights
  • ·         Self-Empowerment in Daily Life
  • ·         How to implement Insights & Messages for Spiritual Growth
  • ·         How to Recognize how the cards Reflects all Life Events
  • ·         How to ‘step out’ of yourself and channel your Readings for most Accuracy
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone can take this course that feels they have a calling to explore this divine tool.
  • If you are new to the Tarot – you’ll ‘get it’. If you have worked with the Tarot for a while, – here’s more information for you from 40 years experience 🙂 Get the professional take on the Tarot and what it an do for you!
  • Target students are those whom wish to enhance their spiritual understanding


TAROT for Beginners & Advanced Students