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Organic Chemistry – Bonding And Molecular Structure


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  • Know the basics of General Chemistry would be so helpful.
  • This course is very simple and no need for any techniques to be understood.


Are you one of the high school students: Chemistry student, Pharmacy student, biologystudent   and you have problems in studying Organic Chemistry???

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Do you Like OrganicChemistry but you don’t know how to study the basics in Chemistry???

Are you suffering from understanding the basics of Organic Chemistry which makes the Exam as a nightmare for you???

Do you want to be a master in Organic Chemistryand  pass the Chemistry exam getting a high score easily???

Whatever the reason you have for thinking about studying Organic Chemistry , Whether you  wereChemistry student, Pharmacy student, Biology student, this course will help you to understand the essential basics of Chemistry.

This course will help you in covering everything you will need to know as you prepare for possible future exams.  It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, prior knowledge of Chemistry you’ve got as this course will take you through all the necessary stages.

If You just love Organic chemistry !!!! OR Whatever the reason you have for thinking about studying Chemistry further, ENROLL in this course to help you learn and understand the Organic Chemistry basics very easily.

Hey!!! Am  Mohammad Abualrub, I have PhD in Organic Chemistry and am Expert in pharmaceutical Industry – +8Years & Expert in teaching Chemistry +4Years.

In this Course we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Organic in Chemistry
  • Atomic Structure Isotopes 
  • Valence Electrons 
  • The Structure Theory of Organic Chemistry 
  • Molecular Formula and Structural Formula 
  • Isomers 
  • Chemical Bonds: The Octet Rule 
  • How to Write Lewis Structures 
  • Exception to Octet Rule 
  • Formal Charge
  • Resonance
  • How to write resonance structure 
  • Electron Configuration 
  • Hybridization sp3 
  • Hybridization sp2 
  • Hybridization sp 
  • Restricted Rotation of Double Bond Cis – Trans
  • Isomerism 
  • Sigma Bonds and Pi Bond 
  • Molecular Geometry

In addition to that, there are a lot of Examples added to this course in order to enhance students understanding to the contents of this course and get the desired value !!!

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Dr Mohammad Abualrub PhD in Chemistry Expert in pharmaceutical Industry +8Years & Expert in teaching Chemistry +4Years.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for High School Students, Chemists, Pharmacy student, biology student, and Any Academic Interested student,under graduate or graduate.
  • Everyone who has a big passion with chemistry and specifically Organic Chemistry and want to discover more about it.


Organic Chemistry – Bonding & Molecular Structure